Drionic Hand/Foot Device

Drionic Operation

The Drionic Sweat Stopping Device is an unsurpassed device to stop sweating on the hands and feet.  It is intended to be safe, simple and easy to use by everyone.  During the initial treatment period the Drionic Sweat Stopping devices need to be used every day for up to 30 minutes.  This is done until the perspiration is lowered to an acceptable level.  For most people this happens in two to three weeks.  

Clinical data indicates that the Drionic Sweat Stopping Device is 89% successful in lowering perspiration levels by at least 50% as measured by the standardized starch iodine test.  The Drionic is how to stop sweat on the hands and feet.

The Drionic Sweat Stopping Device uses a process that scientists refer to iontophoresis.  What this means is that ions that occur naturally in tap water are pushed toward the skin by a low voltage electro-magnetic field produced by the battery powered Drionic Stop Sweating System.  

The operation of the Drionic Sweat Stopping Device is quite easy:

The Drionic Hand/Foot Sweat Stopping Device user wets each felt pad with tap water that are found in the each of the chambers in each device.  The user then places the felt pads back in each chamber.  It is suggested that the lower chamber be filled with about 1/2 inch of water.  

Turn the power on, place the hand or foot in the device and keep it there for 30 minutes. Make sure that contact with each felt pad is maintained on either side of the center bar.  The hand or foot can be positioned in any way that is most comfortable to the user using either chamber for to treat any portion of the treated hand or foot.

The variable position power knob used in the Hand/Foot device can be set at a power level that is most comfortable to the user.  The user can increase the power level as they become acclimated to the Drionic Treatment System.  Children and adolescents are usually more comfortable treating at lower power levels during the first seven days of Drionic Hand and Feet Sweat Stopping use.

When the green LED light is on the Drionic Sweat Stoppinh is working properly.  Over time the batteries will need to be changed.  Most Drionic Hand and Feet Stopping Sweat users buy one to two pairs of batteries a year, a set of pads and they change the aluminum plates every other year.  

Ongoing treatment will be required by most users every six weeks or so.  The reason for this is that the ions that have been pushed toward the sweat pores will, over time, become neutral and fall away from the skin.  Thus replacement ions need to be delivered to replace the ones that have neutralized.

After each treatment the felt pads need to be removed and rinsed thoroughly with tap water and allowed to air dry.  The pads hold the tap water used for the iontophoresis process.  

The above description of operation is not the complete instruction manual.  Every user should read the Complete four page Instruction Manual thoroughly.  Complete Instruction Manuals come with each Drionic Stop Sweating pair of devices.  Instruction Manuals are available in print by request from General Medical Company.   The Instructions Manual can be delivered by e-mail as an Adobe .pdf file attachment.  There have not been any medically documented side effects associated with the Drionic Sweat Stopping devices.

Users can also call General Medical during normal business hours from 9AM to 5PM Pacific Time Monday through Friday except for Holidays.  Drionic Stop Sweating devices are sold in pairs that are referred to as units.  The Drionic Sweat Stop is sold a 45 day money back guarantee that can be extended  prior to expiration at the request of the buyer to 90 days.